Recycling household products

UK is a country that makes it incredibly easy for you to recycle products, especially if you do put your mind to it. Almost all the household products (perishable items, packaging, etc) that I have bought have recycling instructions written on them. These instructions tell you whether any part of the item that you are holding in your hands can be recycled. It is extremely informative, especially for people who are new to the recycling game.

UK recycling labels

I was rather surprised by the fact that there were so many recycling units around my house. The garbage cans are for the trash, but there are recycling units available for different types of products, which is rather ingenious. After all, if you want to encourage people into recycling, you have to make sure that it is easy for them to do so. The best way of doing that is by providing recycling bins near houses- so that people would not have to go far. Secondly, you have to provide them the information they require. On both these counts, UK certainly does a wonderful job.

I have been trying to recycle all the household products on the basis of the instructions given on the label and it has been working like a miracle so far- I can’t say I have a complain about any of it!


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