The Business of Recycling

Recycling Business

The Eco-friendly business is the recycling business. It is a business which requires knowledge, skill and perseverance. It is not about selling junk. Rather it is a business of knowing how to make profit, and also requires risk taking abilities and creativity. Here are a few practical tips if you want to start your own recycling business.

  • Research and find out which type of recycling suits you – Recycling paper is labour intensive work. The same goes for computers. If starting the best way is to start as recycling household items for re-use and later take a plunge in paper and computers.
  • Survey the area you want to target – Always survey the area in which you will be recycling. Choose an article which is not being recycled. You can go for metal and scrap recycling as it is mostly not organised as recycling.
  • Chalk out a business plan – It is always recommended to make an outline of investment, revenue and cost. This is called a business plan. The plan should have a model for achieving break even.
  • Register – Before starting off, register with the local authority as a recycler. You will get many benefits and it will be easy to do business.
  • Have enough finance – This business does not require huge capital for starting. However plan your living expenses.
  • Find sellers and buyers – Just go searching for people and areas of getting the material to recycle. Find out target areas which require your service and also people who will buy the materials you will collect.



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