Some simple ways to Recycle Paper

Recycle Paper

We have all gone through a note to make offices paperless to save the environment. However this is not achievable and the next best option is to recycle paper. Paper can be recycled in many ways which can actually save so much. Here a few ways some unique and some very simple.

Printing on both sides – I saw this being done in a school in Dunedin and was impressed by the method. It is a very simple way to save almost 50% paper. Of course confidential printed paper does not come in this but still a very simple and easy way to recycle used paper.

Use the blank spaces on printed paper – Almost always some parts of print sheets are blank. Use cutters to cut them and use them for making note pads and stickers.

Making compost out of newsprint – This is a very creative way to use the newspaper waste. You can add the newspaper (only coarse newsprint) to your compost pit. The compost that you will get is better than one prepared with natural scrap like lawn grass and food scrap.

Using newspaper as an absorbent – You can also use the absorbent quality of the newspaper to keep things dry. One of the uses is to warp ironed trousers and shirts in newspaper before packing in suitcase.


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