Paper recycling – Some more ways

Paper recycling

Paper recycling can be done in innovative ways. Here are some uncommon ways for paper recycling.

(1) Art from used paper – This is an innovative and creative way of reusing paper. You can use computer-printed paper or newspaper to create amazing toys. You can cut strips out of this paper to make papier mache toys. These are really beautiful. You can also make other toys, like a pinwheel, from used paper.

(2) Cushioning your packages – Shredded paper from offices can be excellent cushioning materials for packaging. This can replace the much costlier styrofoam, which is not an environment friendly material.

(3) Using newspaper as a spill guard – Newspaper can be used as an excellent spill guard while painting. Just wrap the area that needs protecting. Easy and economical.

(4) Cover old books and notebooks – You can use old newspaper or office-printed paper to cover old books and notebooks to protect them.

(5) Lighting a campfire – Paper has very low ignition temperature and can be used as a starter for campfires.


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