Ideas for recycling of old clothes

Fashion and trends change every so often and to keep up with these growing trends we keep buying new clothes, jewellery, bags and belts on a regular basis at least three times every year on average. This leads to many households having large stocks of unwanted and unused clothes in storage. Disposing of these old clothes can sometimes be a very daunting task because if you burn them, for example, they will create gases that will destroy the environment. Creative recycling of old clothes is the best way to handle this old and unused pile of clothes. A good example is using these old clothes as stuffing for mattresses and homemade cushions. Recently there has been a very big upsurge in the concept of DIY and it is not uncommon to find things like shoes made from old jeans or backpacks created from recycled sisal sacks combined with old clothes making rounds on different sites. There are some mind blowing ways to repurpose old clothing such as using old jeans and khakis to make summer tents. All it takes is a little creative effort on your part and the right tools to help you in the recycling of old clothes and making your DIY projects amazing and unique.

Recycling of old clothes - Old Jeans equal a New Bag


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