Role of Recycling In the Prevention of Environment Pollution

Environment pollution is posing the greatest risks factors for the biodiversity and various health hazards to the mankind in the recent time .Man in his pursuits of the conquering the nature has lost many of his valuable resources including his own environment. The impact of the urbanization and the industrial development have been the serious causes of the environmental pollution even though these  developments have been the great blessings of the modern life  for the experience of comfort conditions  and advancement in the science and technology

It is also very important to take the suitable measures for the Prevention of environment pollution in all the possible dimensions whether it is related to air or water pollution.  Effective applications of the principles of science and technology are of great help in the prevention of pollution using   establishment of the biodegradable systems. They can be the elements of the compost which is great fertilizer for the crops of the upcoming seasons.

The process of recycling plays very important role in the prevention of environment pollution .Most of the agricultural wastes when subjected to recycling can be used to save the natural resources on the earth. They bring the best balance in the ecosystem. They contribute in the pollution reduction and reduce the needs of the landfills also.

Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum in India brings the teachings of the Samkya philosophy which focuses on the process of disintegration in which the elements of different combinations return back to their roots in order to bring the balance back into the shape.

The concepts of the chakras in the  Yoga Teacher Training Course is also an important  applications of the knowledge on the process of recycling which mainly deals in the restoration of the energy both in the micro and macrocosm using the relevant methodologies in proper place and time .


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