The journey continues…

Well trying to settle back into my home country is not as easy as I thought it would be, I was born here, raised and educated here, worked here for 20 years  only been away 10 years so why is it so hard? I have had the benefit of technology and internet, so that has kept me in touch with family, friends, the county and the ongoing living situation… or so I thought. I have realized there is much I need to relearn and address, my values and expectations being part of that. No one said life’s journeys would be easy did they?? If they did I should not have listened!!

The cost of living here has taken me aback, whilst on an intellectual level I knew it was more expensive on a practical level it has made serious inroads into my monthly monies. I have had to rethink all my budget and economy. Thankfully there are plenty of professional folk to help with this and a plethora of websites and blogs where you can learn from the experiences of others. Once thing I miss is my free heating system – solar energy. Took it pretty much for granted where I have been living, only had to use electric for a few days in winter. Solar energy is cheap, well free outside the purchase of the panels and their upkeep, clean and accessible but could I use it in the UK? This month has been about finding out what is feasible. First things first, what are solar panels:  Solar panels are photovoltaic (PV) cells. In a nutshell, these special batteries harness sunlight, transform it into energy, and then send that energy to an inverter, which converts it into electricity to power the home. As with anything I want to research these days a simple question of “how much are solar panels to buy install and how much could I potentially save,”  has led to hours on the internet scouring energy efficient systems to the point my head is starting to swivel round. I think I need to reassess what it is I am trying to do and take slow steps in getting there. Think I am trying to rush and not really au fait with all the government schemes so getting in a muddle. Plan of action for next couple of weeks: Identify energy efficient schemes; find someone to talk to more knowledgeable than I; identify what is realistic for me to plan for in the next couple of months…Watch this space, any advice or nudges in the right direction always welcome…

Solar panels can be used in the UK even with the smaller home
Solar panels

First leg of the journey…

Well I am already to get  started on my recycling journey, as I have mentioned I have recently relocated back to the UK so I am looking to furnish my house and do some decorating.

Recycled bath an unusual but practical use for your old bath
Not sure I would go this far.. but it looks good!

First off to change is the bathroom, as it is rather on the small size I decided to throw out the bath and replace with a shower, my attempt to be economical with water usage. As I did not want the bath to go to landfill and as it was in perfectly good condition I thought perfect opportunity for me to recycle something…  I decided to advertise using the local newspapers, where you can advertise for free if your items are low cost; I offered it free to a new home but did not get any responses. I then contacted our local recycle centre and they have a reuse area so decided to take it to them along with a few other items I had inherited when I bought the house and did not want. I found the centre very helpful, they have systems in place to help you recycle as much as possible and help to transport large items. Their staff was informative and helpful as well.  I also found a number of websites that assist in the re-use of items and are enthusiastic about recycling & conservation. This one was very informative and interesting and I bought a couple of things off it for my home.

I am finding the journey of recycling is an interesting one and there is certainly loads of ways you can recycle, reuse and conserve. I never thought I would get so interested in it. My family thinks it’s a bit of a joke at the moment but I will change their minds.  Before I finish off for today let me share a Youtube video on using recycled bottle tops

…I think it is a great idea. Plus the bottles I have used stack neatly in one another so don’t take up much space and are just waiting for the right time for my seed planting. They are perfect for potting on my young seedlings.