Recycling a Beautiful, Rewarding Material – Glass

I’m big into recycling now. One of the recycled products which fascinates me is glass. Not only do you see glass objects every day, you see in lying around in shattered pieces, shimmering in lots of different shades as they catch the sun. I can’t stop thinking about what a rewarding material glass is and the dozens of ways it can be used. Because it is made from domestic materials such as soda ash, limestone, and sand, glass is 100% recyclable. In fact it can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality.


I also discovered that recycled glass containers are always needed and available because glass manufacturers actually require high-quality recycled container glass so as to meet market demands for new glass containers.

I’ve also discovered that colour sorting is important too and that separating recycled container glass by colour ensures that new bottles match the colour standards required by glass container customers. We all live on planet Earth.

For me, anyone who cares about its future should be doing recycling. Certainly manufacturers benefit from recycling and we are helping them. Reduced emissions and consumption of raw materials is enough for me to know that if we all play a part, we really can extend the life of our beautiful planet.


First leg of the journey…

Well I am already to get  started on my recycling journey, as I have mentioned I have recently relocated back to the UK so I am looking to furnish my house and do some decorating.

Recycled bath an unusual but practical use for your old bath
Not sure I would go this far.. but it looks good!

First off to change is the bathroom, as it is rather on the small size I decided to throw out the bath and replace with a shower, my attempt to be economical with water usage. As I did not want the bath to go to landfill and as it was in perfectly good condition I thought perfect opportunity for me to recycle something…  I decided to advertise using the local newspapers, where you can advertise for free if your items are low cost; I offered it free to a new home but did not get any responses. I then contacted our local recycle centre and they have a reuse area so decided to take it to them along with a few other items I had inherited when I bought the house and did not want. I found the centre very helpful, they have systems in place to help you recycle as much as possible and help to transport large items. Their staff was informative and helpful as well.  I also found a number of websites that assist in the re-use of items and are enthusiastic about recycling & conservation. This one was very informative and interesting and I bought a couple of things off it for my home.

I am finding the journey of recycling is an interesting one and there is certainly loads of ways you can recycle, reuse and conserve. I never thought I would get so interested in it. My family thinks it’s a bit of a joke at the moment but I will change their minds.  Before I finish off for today let me share a Youtube video on using recycled bottle tops

…I think it is a great idea. Plus the bottles I have used stack neatly in one another so don’t take up much space and are just waiting for the right time for my seed planting. They are perfect for potting on my young seedlings.